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a platform to explore the chef and the foodie in and around you.

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Bytehealthy offers exciting new opportunity for you, your neighbors, friends and families to come join and be part of the food sharing and cooking family. We offer a platform to give an identity to the talented chefs from their own homes and kitchens and make them the stars they have always deserved to be.

We also fulfill the demands of home cooked foods for those who aren’t at home and also a sneak peak into your neighbor’s kitchen to taste and try their exotic delicacies at your own doorstep.


Manage Easily

Bytehealthy provides an easy-to-handle interface with no hassles of paperwork or setting up established infrastructure. We trust you and let you work from your own kitchen and earn your own credits without any hurdles.

For foodies, bytehealthy offers an easy browsing into the menus and their preparations and timings. Join us to know more how easy cooking and eating gets.

Reach New Customers

With every new tap into the kitchen and every new foodie who joins, we gain two more. The word to word growth of bytehealthy couldn’t be restraint at any cost.

Super talented chefs and their extraordinary recipes make bytehealthy a must try platform with so much more to gain and explore. Join us to know more as we are an ever growing and expanding family of food lovers.

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