Role Exchange!!

Sounds Interesting Right!!

Yes, Bytehealthy provides a feature to the customer or the home chefs where they can interchange their role – Didn’t get it?? We will explain that.

In this application, a home chef who has registered themselves as buddy can be a foodie also. That means a seller can register themselves as buyer and get to taste the food from other home chefs. Same goes for the customer, even they can enroll themselves as seller for doing business and earn income. This is a great opportunity for an individual to earn from this app. One can experiment their cooking skills and earn as well. This can work hand in hand for an individual.
Sometimes buddy can get bored with cooking and a thought could come to the mind of enjoying delivered food. In this scenario the buddy can turn themselves into foodie and can register themselves and enjoy food from other sellers.

Feel free to enroll and enjoy all the features of Bytehealthy!!