Less Food Wastage

Today, a part of India is suffering from scarcity of food but there is also wastage of food in most of the families. Sometimes when we crave for something to eat and made it in the quantity more than enough then the extra food gets wasted. This is not just the wastage of food; this is also the wastage of Money. What is the solution of this problem? Isn’t it great if a person can start earning money from that extra food? If you have made something extra, sell it on the platform Bytehealthy. It will not only result in less food wastage but will also help a person in earning money and a person who is living far from his/ her home can get the taste of homemade food. Lesser food wastage will also result in reducing the part who are suffering from scarcity of food. Bytehealthy is a great platform to show our respect towards the food.

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