The Purpose of Bytehealthy

1. The purpose of Bytehealthy is to provide a platform to home cooks to grow and earn from this, whereas in the other hand for customers to get cooked food in places far from home
2. To deliver homemade food at the customer’s doorstep
3. To provide fresh, hygienic, affordable and home food cooked through Bytehealthy.

Vision for Bytehealthy

The vision is to serve high quality homemade food to anyone who wants fresh and healthy meals but has no time or skills to prepare one for themselves. It also is empowering individuals (chefs) to earn with ease for themselves.

Business Rules for Bytehealthy

1. Home-cooked food delivering service
2.The target audience for the service is young professionals, bachelors, new migrants to the city, health-conscious people.
3. Parts in the app: the chef, the delivery person, and the end-user.

Problem That Bytehealthy Solve

Individuals who are alone or have many reasons for not able to cook. Due to this, they are highly dependent on restaurants or fast food eating joints. Therefore, the requirement of a service which not only serves healthy and hygienic home-cooked food but also delivers it to the customer making it convenient for the customers is the main problem it solves.